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Hello, world!

After complaining over and over that I should really get myself a blog, I finally have one! Now, let’s be nice and let me introduce myself.

My name is Wes Oldenbeuving and I’m a programmer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My hobbies include reading books and blogs, playing video games, watching tv series and programming.

My interests cover a wide variety of topics like computer science, economic theory, history, (melodic) metal music, politics, philosophy, personal growth and cooking. I’m not a great chef, but I do try to improvise on recipes every once in a while.

I have been programming (in Ruby) since March 2006 for the Dutch company yoMedia. Ruby on Rails is what brought me to Ruby, but it is not the only thing keeping me. Ruby as a language is really nice to work with and works for both simple scripts, to automate mundane tasks, and to build complex applications. The people in the local Ruby communities are also nice, smart and full of crazy creative ideas.

We have a number of regular events that I attend 99% of the time: Amsterdam.rb, Utrecht.rb and the soon-to-start Amsterdam.rb screen-peeking diner thingy.

I expect my blog posts to mainly cover programming-related topics, though they will not necessarily be all about Ruby. In fact, expect the first posts to be about the new Reia programming language.

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